Xiamen Tea Fair

In October, in its 10-year-old birthday ,the Xiamen Tea Fair welcomed its guests with a more international and younger attitude.


At the Tea Expo, APCCA representatives, Mr. Johnny and Pubu are invited on the main stage to shared the characteristics of Ceylon black tea along with the simple grading principles and purchasing standards to the audience. Ceylon black tea itself has a mellow taste and a long aftertaste. However It is also amazingly matched with other raw materials. The two brought a special orange juice ginger tea developed from Sri Lanka's ginger tea. The audience is absolutely blown away by the refreshing taste and the fruity note of the tea and endless possibilities with tea.


APCCA was also invited to the international tea ‘啖茶’ forum, a highly regarded discussion panel by the Expo. The host, the famous tea man from Malaysia, Mr. He Jianliang made a wonderful opening that attracted everyone’s applause. In such a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, tea lovers and experts from Asia, Europe, and the Americas have their own opinions and have had a brilliant discussion on how to attract young people to drink tea.


Lecturer Pubu and Johnny of the Asia-Pacific Cultural and Creativ Academy shared the past and present life of Sri Lanka Ceylon tea in the forum. By introducing the history, they also shared their views on how to penetrate into the millennial market with a new type of tea with tropical fruit elements and where the opportunity lies for Chinese tea drink industry in Sri Lanka.

Dr. 查利伟, a senior tea person from Italy, shared with the audience his experience.  As Italy is not a country that drinks tea traditionally, the younger generation is exposed to tea culture mostly through the Internet. Today, the developed Internet and related social medias have become the driving force behind the promotion of this traditional Chinese beverage in the world.

Different cultures in Asia, the Americas, and Europe all contributed to this fusion of ideas. Their  exchange of ideas between different cultures and different have occasionally struck a fierce spark. The group went from talking about tea to Internet and climate change. It is amazing how many thoughts and ideas can be inspired by a a simple and humble cup of tea.


The Asia-Pacific Creative Institute (APCCA ) is founded based on the idea of bring brilliant young minds from different cultures and backgrounds together to learn from the tradition but at the same time foster creative and innovative thinking. The college starts from Chinese, Chinese culture and tea culture, but does not limited by its Chinese root. In the future, there will be more young people in South Asia and even the world to promote create the culture of their own in APCCA!