Walauwa, It is a unique Sri Lankan vocabulary. If you want to find a similar word in English, it is Manor. Manor is also a large area of land and luxury houses owned by the private, as a symbol of their identity and status.


In Sri Lanka, long before the colonial era, these estates were granted to the feudal lords of the kingdom so that they and their descendants could inherit this private territory. By the time of British colonialism, they had been only Comfort and luxury is the exclusive possession of a few people who are closely related to the government.


Today Sri Lanka is no longer Ceylon under the British Queen, and the fast-growing middle class has also mainstreamed towering buildings, Walauwa, which once seemed to fade away from its former glory the symbol of nobility


The estate and Inn advertisements with Walauwa signs on the market are mostly Bad imitation by people. Compared with the real Walauwa, not only the magnificence is greatly reduced, but also the historical significance can’t be compared with it.

Would it be amazing if you could have one today? Now this opportunity is right in front of you.——Walauwa belongs to yo