Sri Lanka was named the best travel destination by Lonely Planet in 2019. Starting from August this year, Sri Lanka officially waived visa for Chinese citizens. The office data shows that the popularity of the Sri Lanka increased by 71% after the visa-free policy was announced. 


Sri Lanka is named “the tear of the Indian Ocean”, in a country without sea level; the blue sea has merged with the cloudless sky. Here to experience the island scenery and unique exotic cuisine

Heritance Kandalama in Dambulla, sitting on the famous "cultural triangle" region multiple world cultural heritage resources, has been the national geographic magazine recommendation for one of the world's 50 best hotels. The master of Sri Lanka national building Geoffrey Bawa to be one of the afore mentioned, hotel hidden in the deep forest, this is a perfect combination with nature of hotel, the hotel is almost as forest, strange landscape, built around the mountain. Each room faces to the Kandalama Wawa lake, with views of the tropical rainforest surrounding the hotel, high and low shrubs and meadows frequented by animals. With a total length of 2 kilometers, the hotel is surrounded by 180 side of virgin forest, with more than 3360 kinds of flowering plants and more than 250 kinds of amphibians.


【Dambulla Cave Temple】 Dambulla is one of Sri Lanka's seven world heritage. It has a history of 1800 years. The painted murals and stone carvings in the grottoes are still intact and magnificent. Sit on the rocky slopes of the grottoes temple at sunset to experience the first day of sunset in Sri Lanka.



【Nuwara Eliya】Nuwara Eliya means “City lights” is a surprisingly beautiful town on Sri Lanka's central plateau. The town is located at the foot of the pedulukaragaran mountain, the first highest peak in Sri Lanka, with an altitude of 1868 meters and a year-round humid climate with the temperature around 14-16℃, which is the highest point in Sri Lanka.

Eliya is the best black tea base in Sri Lanka and a good visiting city. It is also a Europe style highland summer resort, surrounded by three mist-shrouded mountains, with peaks and forests and valleys 


【Colombo】Colombo is located in the Indian Ocean, and it is the capital city of Sri Lanka. Good view and friendly country culture. There are iron trees called "national trees" and water lilies called "national flowers" everywhere in the streets, but there are more coconut trees towering. When the festival date the major streets will be very crowded thousands of people will get together on streets to celebration.